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Ever Fit is a women's health club designed to provide a safe, affordable, and convenient fitness option for every age, every fitness level, every schedule, every budget, and every interest with the intent to motivate women to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



At Ever Fit, we believe that health and fitness is important for women of every age. Whether 18 or 98, we have equipment and workout options that will appeal to your abilities and stage of life. Our focus on low impact fitness allows you to protect yourself for a full active lifestyle for many years to come.



Our adjustable resistance circuit training allows you to not only obtain your specific level of workout but also target all of your major muscle areas while helping you maintain proper form. For members looking to target trouble areas or personal goals, we work with you to create a plan beyond the circuit training to guarantee a path to success.



Ever Fit is a club designed to adapt to the schedules of women at all stages of life. Our key card entry system allows safe access at a time that is convenient for you. In addition to our staffed hours, we also offer membership sign-up and one-on-one training by appointment. With our circuit training design, waiting for equipment is very rare, allowing you to plan your workout time and stay on schedule. 



At Ever Fit, we understand that no matter where you are at financially in your life, money is still a factor. For this reason, we offer pricing that is comparable to all other local facilities yet maintaining the benefits of a women's only facility. On top of our great rates, we will offer additional promotions throughout the year.



We believe that as unique individuals all members will have different interests and points of motivation. Through our cardio room and the incorporation of cable machines, we present opportunities to go beyond your core training to offer variations in your workout in order to stay healthy and active. We invite your communication and feedback in this area!
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